JCPenney Credit Card Help

You can access your JCPenney Credit Card online account desktop or hand-held devices as long as it has an internet connection. To begin with, you’ll only need your User ID. After this step, you will be shown a Personalized Image (that you had selected already) before entering your password. This is done to prevent phishing and to ensure that you have accessed the correct website for your account.

Should you forget your User ID, you could always take the help of “Lookup User ID.”


Making a Payment on JCPenney Credit Card

Login to your account using your User ID. Note that your User ID could also be your email address.

Once you’re in, you can; view your account summary, update your information, pay bills, request credit line increase, download credit card activity and many more.


Activation your JCPenney Credit Card

You’d obviously be required to register you JCPenny Credit Card and to do that, you could visit the account login page and click on “Register Here.” And on the page that follows, you’d be asked to enter your account number while making sure that you are the primary account holder and that the credit card is, indeed, in your possession. Moving on, you select a security image and complete the final few security measure. And voila!! You are good to go.