JCPenney Associate Discount Card Activation

Being a JCPenney associate carries in itself certain benefits; like discounts not just for you, but your eligible dependents as well. To actually avail the discount while shopping at the brick and mortar JCPenney stores, you should be carrying the special discount card; this discount card is known as the JCPenney Associate Discount Card.

You need to produce this card at the checkout point to avail the discount. Needless to say, the card must be active. You could also note that if you are shopping at, the discount gets applied automatically. Please get your discount card activated at your JCPenney Kiosk in office.


How do you get the JCPenney Associate Discount card?

The JCPenney Associate Discount card is given to you at the time of hire in what JCPenney refers to as their “New Hire Process.” And it’s not just you who gets this discount card issued; your eligible dependents also gets their card issued respectively. And during the course of your employment—if you feel the need to add more names to the list of your eligible dependents—you can do so and they will also get their discount cards issued. All you have to do is get in touch with your General Manager or your Unit Leader at work.


So how do you activate your JCPenney Associate Discount card?

Once you get your JCPenney Associate Discount card; the first thing to do, is to get it activated. For that; you need to go to the JCPenney Kiosk (at work); log in to and from the main menu, click on ‘Self Service’; and finally click ‘Discount Card Activation.’ It’ll ask you for a few information and Viola!! You’re good to go.


How to use the JCPenney Associate Discount card, after activation?

You obviously have to have the JCPenney Accociate Discount Card with you every time you go shopping at a brick and mortar JCPenney outlet. Once you are done shopping, you need to produce the card at the checkout section (they might just ask you for an ID as well) and there you go: you’ve just brought yourself a few goodies at prices way less than the retail. And this is how you save big bucks every time you go shopping. The savings might just form an integral part of your monthly household budget. So you wouldn’t want to miss out on this, would you?