JCPenneyPowerLine Employee Benefits Login Guide

In 2009, JCPenny introduced with the intention of facilitating online access to employees from home or wherever they might be. As an employee you are given access to all your employment related information such as pay stubs, work schedule, taxes, employee benefits, 401(k), leaves and much more. The move was imperative to ensure high standards of communication while maintaining an employee base of more than 100,000 across America.


What JCPenneyPowerLine Offers to its Employees?

It goes without saying that Aon Hewitt runs and manages and in a press statement, their Vice President of Benefits had said that besides presenting general employee benefits, the website can “provide links directly to the Sedgwick system so participants can get their case status (…), links in the medical space to the carrier website, where they complete their personal health assessment and (…) do a warm transfer to a tier 2 call center advocate who will serve as a guide, walking them through their benefits.”

In other words, offer information on: your 401(k) loans, check balances; healthcare and health related breaks; application for retirement and its benefits; you can also report life crisis and get support from your 401(k) plan through your “tier 2” services.


How to Access the JCPenney Employee Benefits Login Page?

Veterans at the organization need not be told how to log into to the portal but the new comers might need a guiding light initially. Well, you should have your username and password to start with. You could, then, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to JCPenneyPower (>; you will see that the page will automatically route you to
  2. Enter your User ID and Password in the appropriate boxes and then click “Log On”


In case you forget your login credentials, you can always click on “Forgot User ID or Password.” When you do this, it’ll take you to a page where you’ll be asked for the last four digits of your Social Security Number and your date of birth as a security measure. When you provide the correct information, you will be sent an access code via sms, email or a phone call that will grant you temporary access to your account just so that you can change your password.


Registering as a New User on JCPenneyPowerLine

Registering at JCPenneyPowerLine is very simple. All you have to do is go to their home page, click on “Are you a new user?” enter information such as the last four digits of your SSN and date of birth and click “continue.” The rest of the steps are extremely easy and self-explanatory.

Should you still face problems, you can: reach out to the JCPenneyPowerLine Employee Support; or call 1-888-890-8900 for US, Canada and Puerto Rico (toll free); and for any other countries, you could call 1-847-883-1188. Business hours are 8 am to 8 pm. But before calling the support team though, we recommend that you go through all the topics covered in the “Help” section of:


Career Opportunities at JCPenney

JCPenney has, no doubt, won thousands of hearts as an employer with their generous employee discounts, 401(k) plans, insurance benefits, amount of time offs allowed, etc. that more and more people wants to join their organization. JCPenny stands 114,000 employees strong as of 2015 in over a 1000 locations. You can either join their stores or their corporate office; more information at


Salon manager, beauty manager, area sales manager, department supervisor, supply chain supervisor, operations consultant, security team coach; the opportunities are almost endless at JCPenny. Interestingly, JCPenny also hires member of the military, war veterans or even college students (as part of their internships); it covers a wide field. JCPenny also has a career finder that lets you check for openings at a city of your choice. And for those of you trying to switch roles at JCPenney; the FAQ section under the link ( should help.

The JC Penney Customer Satisfaction Survey

The JC Penney Customer Satisfaction Survey is one of the best surveys, you can find, being conducted by a departmental store. And at the end of it, JCPenney will also extend its gratitude by gifting you a 15% discount coupon for your next shopping extravaganza; only because you gave them a feedback… how touching!!!

So to complete survey, you’d have to go to which will automatically route you to Here, you will be asked to “enter the 22-digit Access Code located on the front of your receipt”—literally—and if English is a problem, it has information in Spanish as well. Problems with English and Spanish both? Find a translator.

They also have something called a JC Penney Customer Survey Sweepstakes where a lucky participant stands a chance at winning a $500 Grand Prize when you complete the above mentioned survey. But the catch is; you don’t know when the competition is on; it does not run all the time, so you need to keep a hawk’s eye for any announcement. Oh! And; you also need to be at least 18 years of age.

And needless to say; you kind find more information at the JC Penney Customer Survey Sweepstakes.

JCPenney JTime Launchpad Work Schedule Login Help

The world we live in today is much more efficient and convenient, thanks to technology: The Internet to be more precise. JTime Launchpad is one such facility on the internet space that allows you to access your employment related information while you are on the go. The most looked in to information is the working hours. As an employee, you wouldn’t want to have incorrect working hours recorded; especially, if you are a part-timer.


Accessing JCPenney JTime Launchpad through the Associate Kiosk

Access to the JTime Launchpad is fairly simple; you just have go to the Associate Kiosk and log in to your account with your valid login credentials. A word of advice though, please be careful as there are a lot of mirror (fake) websites claiming to be JTime. They are there only to scavenge on your information.


Time to login to JCPenney JTime Launchpad 

JTime is an official JCPenney site; so once you’re there, you will be needed to punch in your username and password. In case you don’t have an account yet, you can register and get an account set up. To register; however, you will have to be inside the JCPenny network.

Once you click on “Register” it’ll take you to the registration page that will have lots of fields where you can enter your information. And when you have entered all the details; your account is set up. This is where you also get to choose a password; username is given to you by the HR at the time of hire.

You will normally find the JTime Launchpad towards the left hand side of the JCPenny page.


Accessing the JCPenney JTime Launchpad.

Through JTime Launchpad you can access your schedule, pay stubs, taxes, employee benefits and various other Human Resource information. It’s one of the fastest way of accessing your information. This access; however, limited exclusively to the internal member. For instant access, you could create a JTime Launcpad icon on your desktop.


About JCPenney

C. Penney Company, Inc. is one of America’s largest apparel and home furnishing retailers. It has over 1000 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico and employees over 100,000 associates across the globe. So to make managing the business affairs on such a mammoth proportion easier; JCPenney initiated the JCPenney Associate Kiosk. It was designed exclusively to take care of JCPenney associate’s updates and everything that connects the associates with JCPenney.


How to login JCPenney My Jtime

It’s basically a 2 step process:

  1. Go to JCPenney My Jtime login site (
  2. Fill in the login section with your username and password; click ‘login’

At this stage, it is assumed that your account is already registered.


How to Access the JCP Employment Schedule online?

First, you need to login to your account. Once in, you will have to select “JTime Launchpad.” After you’ve selected JTime Launchpad, you’ll be taken to the page that contains all your employment and HR related information like your pay stub, work schedule, tax information, employee benefits, etc. This is where you can manage all these information. And the best part is; you can access all these information no matter where you are.

JTime Launchpad, undoubtedly, is the most convenient and accurate way to access all your information and manage it whether you are in office, or your home or even if you are travelling.

JCPenney Credit Card Help

You can access your JCPenney Credit Card online account desktop or hand-held devices as long as it has an internet connection. To begin with, you’ll only need your User ID. After this step, you will be shown a Personalized Image (that you had selected already) before entering your password. This is done to prevent phishing and to ensure that you have accessed the correct website for your account.

Should you forget your User ID, you could always take the help of “Lookup User ID.”


Making a Payment on JCPenney Credit Card

Login to your account using your User ID. Note that your User ID could also be your email address.

Once you’re in, you can; view your account summary, update your information, pay bills, request credit line increase, download credit card activity and many more.


Activation your JCPenney Credit Card

You’d obviously be required to register you JCPenny Credit Card and to do that, you could visit the account login page and click on “Register Here.” And on the page that follows, you’d be asked to enter your account number while making sure that you are the primary account holder and that the credit card is, indeed, in your possession. Moving on, you select a security image and complete the final few security measure. And voila!! You are good to go.

JCPenney Associate Discount Card Activation

Being a JCPenney associate carries in itself certain benefits; like discounts not just for you, but your eligible dependents as well. To actually avail the discount while shopping at the brick and mortar JCPenney stores, you should be carrying the special discount card; this discount card is known as the JCPenney Associate Discount Card.

You need to produce this card at the checkout point to avail the discount. Needless to say, the card must be active. You could also note that if you are shopping at, the discount gets applied automatically. Please get your discount card activated at your JCPenney Kiosk in office.


How do you get the JCPenney Associate Discount card?

The JCPenney Associate Discount card is given to you at the time of hire in what JCPenney refers to as their “New Hire Process.” And it’s not just you who gets this discount card issued; your eligible dependents also gets their card issued respectively. And during the course of your employment—if you feel the need to add more names to the list of your eligible dependents—you can do so and they will also get their discount cards issued. All you have to do is get in touch with your General Manager or your Unit Leader at work.


So how do you activate your JCPenney Associate Discount card?

Once you get your JCPenney Associate Discount card; the first thing to do, is to get it activated. For that; you need to go to the JCPenney Kiosk (at work); log in to and from the main menu, click on ‘Self Service’; and finally click ‘Discount Card Activation.’ It’ll ask you for a few information and Viola!! You’re good to go.


How to use the JCPenney Associate Discount card, after activation?

You obviously have to have the JCPenney Accociate Discount Card with you every time you go shopping at a brick and mortar JCPenney outlet. Once you are done shopping, you need to produce the card at the checkout section (they might just ask you for an ID as well) and there you go: you’ve just brought yourself a few goodies at prices way less than the retail. And this is how you save big bucks every time you go shopping. The savings might just form an integral part of your monthly household budget. So you wouldn’t want to miss out on this, would you?

How to Apply for JCPenney Jobs Online at

Step 1: Go to JCPenney’s Career Page

JCPenny has two official career sites: and And you get to choose from the vacancies at either the JCPenny Stores or their Corporate Office; depending on whatever you’re looking for. You could do a simple “Career Search” once you are on their site.


Step 2: Search for JCPenney Careers

In the “Career Search” box, you could use keywords such as; city, state or zip. This will give you a list of vacancies that are up for grabs in these places. You could glance through the job titles to see if anyone catches your fancy.


Step 3: Read the Job Details and Apply

You could then click on the job title of the one that interests you—and if it fits your bill—click on “Apply for this job” to get the ball rolling. But if you change your mind, you could simply reset the criteria to search for another position.


Step 4: Register for Application

But before the sun shines on your “Job at JCPenny” dream, you need to get yourself registered with JCPenney with all your contact information. How else are they gonna reach you?


Step 5: Complete Acknowledgment

You need to be very careful while going through the Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure because after that you will be required to provide your electronic signature and click “Complete Acknowledgment” to proceed further.


Step 6: Complete the JCPenney Careers Application Process

Apart from all the enlightening steps, mentioned above, you would also have to: accept the terms & agreements, upload your resume, provide your personal detail and one or more references.


All said and done; your online application process for a job at JCPenny is, now, complete. !!!Here’s Your Trophy!!

JCPenney Credit Card FAQ

JCPenney Credit Card FAQ

Let us try and answer some of the queries you may have for your JCPenney Credit Card.


Does JCPenney Credit Card offer online bill pay?

Yes, it does. You can make your payments through Doxo. You could either click here to make a payment to JCPenney Credit Card or make the payment directly on their website. Alternately, you can also make a payment to JCPenney Credit Card for your JCPenny Credit Card bill pay.


Where do I login to access my online JCPenney Credit Card account?



Where can I find help logging in to my JCPenney Credit Card account?

Follow the link: This is a page that contains information such as mailing address and phone numbers to the support team who can help you with your JCPenney Credit Card account.


How can I access my JCPenney Credit Card account via my mobile device?

Android users can download the JCPenny app from the Google Play store (JCPenney Credit Card for Android app). Sadly though; there is no app available for the iOS users, as yet.


What’s the best way to contact customer support for JCPenney Credit Card?

You could either call 800–877–1342 or visit (either which way; it’s not gonna be faster than a Domino’s Pizza delivery)


Does JCPenney Credit Card have any nicknames or is it known by any other name?

Naah! JCPenny Credit Card decided to stay serious.


Can I pay JCPenney Credit Card with a debit card?

Yes, you can pay JCPenney Credit Card with your Discover, MasterCard or Visa Debit Card. Alternately; you can use other debit cards to pay directly at their website.


Can I pay JCPenney Credit Card with a credit card?

Yes, you can as well. Again, their (website) is where you go.